Launching September 2021

Bubbling, a way of life

We are an all-in-one daily services hub for people to organize their lives. With our secure platform, people can get in touch, work together more effectively, manage & share the information needed to do their daily tasks and have an overall picture of their everyday life. Our greater purpose is to reduce the workload on recurring tasks, so there is more personal quality time.

Bubbling for enterprises

With our one-stop shop, organizations can offer a wide variety of services to their people in a secure and efficient manner. This provides efficiency in recurring and administrative processes, to allow people to focus on tasks that matter the most.


Looking for a challenging opportunity within a fast-growing company? Are you into creating digital products? Is your superpower ‘humanizing technology’? Check, check, check? Great, read on!!!!!

Who we are

We go fast, we go lean and we go well considered. We embrace the startup mentality while using the scale-up working patterns. We are a team of creative individuals who each have an in-depth experience in a particular domain. From setting up a startup, scaling-up a company and raising capital, to closing an exit. From designing scalable web apps with clean architecture and writng strong, well-structured and efficient code to launching a fall-in-love-at-first-sight mobile application.
Even though our development head quarter is in Thessaloniki (Greece), we are looking for talented people from all over the world AND we would love to have you in our team.
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Our values

We are looking for people who share our values.


Genuinely enthusiastic and passionate, this is who we are. We take ownership of our tasks, always trying to achieve our goals. We are dedicated, loyal people that others can rely on.


We find cohesion in our team that is happy and optimistic about its opportunities. A team that is focused on cooperation and has a mature and professional attitude towards everyone. We are constructive and honest. We help and inspire our colleagues in order to exceed themselves.

Integrity & Authenticity

Rise and shine! You are free to be innovative and original. We celebrate our strengths while acknowledging our weaknesses. The basic ingredients for this are honesty, transparency and integrity.


The digital world is continuously changing. It’s up to us to take this opportunity and create together with us a better world. We always look for better solutions, go to the next level, challenge and reinvent ourselves. It is a never ending fascinating story.

Why I love Bubbling

One thing I have always loved about Bubbling is the above and beyond mentality. Never settling for medium work. Always searching to accomplish the best.

Chris, Head of Mobile Development

Open Positions

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